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Leonard Fournette does Heisman pose after first college TD run vs. Sam Houston State

The top freshman in college football had a Heisman moment. Well, at least he thinks he had a Heisman moment.

Desmond Howard made his legacy by striking the Heisman pose after a huge TD en route to winning the trophy? Well, LSU's Leonard Fournette did ... well ... something:

(via SEC Network)

Getting a four-yard touchdown against FCS Sam Houston State is not exactly a Heisman moment. Perhaps some day Fournette will win the Heisman -- after all, he was the No. 1 recruit last year. But, well, he had eight carries for 18 yards Week 1 and **this was a TD against Sam Houston State.** This might be jumping the gun a bit.

(For the record: the thing that made me laugh harder than anything else in my video-game playing experience was when a Northwestern fullback did the Heisman pose after scoring a TD in NCAA Football 07. This is close to that, but a bit more realistic.)