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Here's your supercut of Tony Romo's 3-pick season-opening half

We missed football, and perhaps the thing we missed most about football was Tony Romo interceptions. And now they're back.

Throughout his career, Tony Romo has been a good quarterback. And throughout his career, he has mixed that good quarterbacking in with horrendous, unfortunately timed interceptions. It's why it's fun to watch Tony Romo play football, especially if you aren't a Cowboys fan.

We just had to suffer a gruesome, seven-plus month long offseason. Seven months of no football. Seven months of no Tony Romo interceptions. And then we had this wonderful first half, a Romo display for the ages.

Romo went 10-for-14 passing for 99 yards, which isn't awful, but three of those incompletions fell into the 49ers' hands. (Silver lining: Only one ball hit the ground!) And some of those were egregiously bad.

First, a deep bomb into triple coverage that was not only an easy interception, but also nearly got Dez Bryant killed. Then, a pass softly floated to Patrick Willis in the end zone. (We're not sure what would've been worse: if Romo didn't see Willis, or if he thought this pass would get through regardless.) Then, last but not least, a deep toss to Dez Bryant that Perrish Cox snagged. And that's how it gets to be 28-3 at the half.

The good news is a great time was had by all the 49ers fans in the Cowboys' home stadium.