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Astros earned their fans $4 million in free furniture by not losing 100 games

That's a lot of couches for 63 wins.

The Astros don't win much, but they did win their fans $4 million in furniture refunds by securing their 63rd win of the 2014 season. That's because Mattress Mack, proprietor of a Texas furniture store called Gallery Furniture, bet that the Astros would lose 100 games yet again with their pre-season deal.

The first 500 customers to spend at least $6,300 on furniture would get a full refund. It didn't stop at $6,300, though, as there were also full refunds for $12,300 and $20,300 with the same 63 wins necessary to end up with all of the new furniture for free. With $4 million refunded, this means people on average spent $8,000 on the off chance that the Astros would win at least 63 games in 2014. Y'all had a lot of faith in the Astros.

That, or Astros fans just knew that making a bet with a guy wearing this shirt was bound to work out.