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Katie Nolan with a must-watch video on the NFL, sports media, and women

The fact that women don't generally get platforms to talk about football is a large part of why the NFL made a horrible decision with regards to women.

The Ray Rice fiasco has put a lot of less-than-enlightened viewpoints on our airwaves. We've heard football people and/or people who know about football being asked to talk about domestic violence, from Mike Ditka and Trent Dilfer to Chris Berman and Stephen A. Smith. There have been some poor results.

So Katie Nolan's point here rings true: part of the reason the NFL was in a position to use such intensely poor decision-making with regards to Rice was because all the people on TV who talk about football and could potentially call them out were guys.

Nolan's point reminds me of Matt Ufford's piece on this site, "People vs. The NFL." We love this sport, and it happens to be intensely, morally haphazard. But as Nolan says, ignoring it for its flaws isn't an option: We can try to make this thing we love better, and yes, one way to start is allowing 50 percent of the population to talk about football.