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Washington town bans cheese ahead of NFC Championship

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Today in important small town political news.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Ahead of Sunday's NFC Championship game, anyone entering the Bainbridge Island City Hall on Friday, January 16 is not allowed to be in possession of cheese, or cheese flavored products.

That's right, no cheese. No cheese crackers. No Cheetos. Nothing. Nada.

Section 3. Due to the relationship between the Green Bay Packers, their fans, and cheese, the possession of and/or consumption of cheese or cheese flavored products shall be banned in Bainbridge Island City Hall on Friday, January 16, 2015.

Don't worry though. If you accidentally have some cheese crackers in your bag, you're not actually committing a crime. You'll just be subjected to public ridicule (maybe not, but it's possible).

The Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers for the right to go to the Super Bowl, so it seems that ensuring no Packers fans wearing a cheesehead hat wander into city hall is important.

Bainbridge Island is a small island just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. You can get there via a ferry ride or a VERY long drive around the bay. I've been there, it's a lovely place with some really great places to eat.

Despite their temporary disdain for cheese, you should visit sometime.