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The Packers are obsessed with Settlers of Catan

Will the Packers have enough resources to reach 10 points against the Seahawks?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

First we learned that Aaron Rodgers likes yelling Princess Bride quotes in the locker room. Now we know that a lot of those teammates don't even notice because they're face-deep in intense Settlers of Catan sessions. From the Wall Street Journal:

Packers center Garth Gerhart was intrigued by the game, because teammates were "talking about it all the time, all the different strategies." He wasn't expecting such cutthroat competition until he sat down with them two weeks ago and, he said, longtime players ensured his failure. "Everyone is super competitive, so when you first start playing they don't tell you all the rules. So you start your moves and they say ‘well, actually you can't do that' and it sort of screws you in the game," Gerhart said. "They get very salty."

The article goes into detail about the Catan obsession, from the time Matt Flynn tried -- and failed -- to play music during Settlers after a win, and the fact that game stores in Green Bay have been selling out of their Catan inventories since people in the town found out the Packers liked to play it.