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Maryland basketball's managers are using Juan Dixon as a ringer

He technically qualifies, but ... hey! No fair!

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

A neat tradition happens when Big Ten teams play each other -- the teams' managers square off on the same court the actual teams will play on. It's a cool experience for guys who put in a lot of hard work to make things go right for their teams, but would never otherwise get the opportunity to play on the courts.

Except Maryland is employing the help of one player who, uh, played on many big courts: All-American, national champion, 2002 Final Four Most Outstanding Player Juan Dixon. From the Baltimore Sun:

"It's fun, get out here and communicate, get guys playing basketball the right way," Dixon said before last week's managers game at Purdue. "Hit a couple of jump shots, make some steals. Add on to my scoring [record] and my steals [he ranks second to Johnny Rhodes in Maryland history]. I'm having fun.

"I do want to win, though," Dixon added with a smile.

Dixon is a "special assistant" to head coach Mark Turgeon. Even worse, he's apparently trying to hide his identity:

"It was hilarious," (MSU head manager Scott) Besko said. "He got to Breslin [Center] and came down to the main floor and he said, 'I'm Jake, nice to meet you.'

"I said, 'Jake from State Farm? C'mon man, I know who you are. You were my favorite player growing up as a kid.'"

The whole story is worth a read about the neat tradition of manager's games. It appears Dixon's presence isn't enough to power the Terps to blowout wins -- the team beat Purdue in overtime thanks to a late Dixon assist.