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Kobe Bryant laughs at LeBron James for missed alley-oop

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This is the happiest Kobe has been all year.

LeBron missed a dunk against the Lakers:

That in itself is rare, and the reactions from Kyrie Irving (who thought it went in) and the disappointed bench were pretty good. But on the way back down the floor, Kobe had to give LeBron crap about it:

On the surface, this is just some light-hearted ribbing between a pair of friends who have shared the spotlight and played in Olympics together.

But when we look inside Kobe's heart, we see nothing but pure, unbridled joy. It hasn't been a great season for the Lakers. But in this moment, with L.A. ahead of Cleveland on the scoreboard and LeBron messing up in ways he normally doesn't, Kobe is giddy. His heart is free.

Laugh, Kobe. Laugh as hard as you can.