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Siena destroys backboard with reverse dunk in warmups

The modern Shaq is Willem Brandwijk of Siena.

Siena's Willem Brandwijk slammed a reverse dunk in warm-ups before the Saints' game against Canisius Friday night. The basket was not ready for it:

The game was delayed for an hour as the facilities crew put in a new backboard. Unfortunately, the Saints didn't hit the basket much during the game -- they lost 83-49, with Brandwijk going 0-for-4 from the field and 1-for-4 from the line. Coach Jimmy Patsos was fatalistic after the game:

"The reason the backboard broke," Siena coach Jimmy Patsos said, "is, like, everything in our program has broke this year. The final exclamation point was the backboard breaking. They came down and said a backboard broke, and I said, 'It had to be ours.' They go, 'Of course it is.'"