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A definitive guide to ridiculous Patriots DeflateGate conspiracy theories

The NFL found 11 of 12 Patriots footballs to be underinflated in the AFC Championship game. Here we organize the real* theories and speculation that definitely did not lead to this conclusion.

(*Not real)

1. The classic conspiracy photoshop

Not much to say. It's all right there, and it's all c o n n e c t e d

2. The "True Detective" theory


Matthew McConaughey should have looked closer.



3. Tom Brady's kids made him do it

The Patriots QB brought a sign from his kids to the game on Sunday, remember?

Well, did you see what it said? Check Gisele's Instagram.

4. The "Google It" theory

This is what you get when you search "New England Patriots Football" in Google. Do not look it up, just take our word for it.

5. The Golden Ratio theory


Look closely ...

(Photo via USA TODAY Sports)

Is that normal?

6. Truther McDonald's

Find us the truth, McDonald's.

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