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An interview with the pantsless, chugging Seahawks field rusher

What was in that bottle?

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Immediately after the Seahawks completed their incredible comeback to beat the Packers in the NFC Championship, Tom Pennington of Getty Images snapped photos of a fan in a Marshawn Lynch jersey who'd run onto the field, removed his pants, and taken a swig out of a pink bottle, his other hand pointing victoriously to sky. The fan was kind enough to answer some questions and share some photos from the field with us via email.

What do you do when you're not running on the field at the NFC Championship? How did you come to be a Seahawks fan?

I help people with real estate in Vegas, mainly investors, and have a property management company as well. I grew up with the Seahawks, being originally from Seattle, and moving away a decade ago won't change that.


How prepared were you for your jaunt onto the field? Was that strategic undergarment selection?

Nothing strategic about it... I just look that good 24/7.

Would you have run out there if Seattle lost?

We support our team win/lose. While it is trendy to say people are bandwagon fans, the reality is most 12's have been here for years through all the rainy seasons (pun intended).

What else happened out there that we didn't see?

Paul Allen asked me for some investment advice. Luke Willson asked where I get my hair cut.


What kind of responses have you gotten, both within the stadium and overnight afterward?

Smiles, nothing but smiles which was my sole intention. Simple harmless fun. Now apparently it's become a sort of a weird online meme. Whatever, as long as it makes people happy.

And the big question: What was in that pink bottle?

Finest aged Fireball. See you all February 1st.