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This kid is as sad about the Packers' loss as he is that the Seahawks have a bike

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The Seahawks beat the Packers AND they got a bicycle? To a six-year-old, those two things are just as devastating.

You have to feel for this 6-year-old. The Packers blew a huge lead and lost in the NFC Championship game. If you were a sports fan as a little kid, you know how devastating it was to see your team's season end with a loss.

And then, things got worse. Not only had the Seahawks won -- Michael Bennett got to ride a bicycle after the game.

A huge playoff win AND a cool bike? Must they have everything?!?!?!? Good thing the cameras didn't catch Marshawn Lynch eating Skittles after the game -- if this kid knew the Seahawks had candy, he would've really lost it.

(And no, we don't need to call the person with the camera a bad mom for cracking up when their kid said something adorable.)

(Shout-out to Brian Cobb for noticing this and suggesting the kid thought the bicycle was a prize for winning.)