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I put Gatorade in my cereal just like Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh has become well known for his laser-like focus on winning. He owns numerous pairs of the same khakis and black sweat shirts, stating that it removes one more decision from his day while he concentrates on winning the next football game.

Apparently this focus applies to his cereal-eating habits. Harbaugh recently hired his son Jay to coach tight ends at Michigan, and Jay was asked for a crazy story about Jim.

Jay did not have the Gatorade in his cereal, saying, "I didn't try it. For good reason. That's not where Gatorade goes."

SB Nation decided to try out Gatorade and cereal, and I happily volunteered. As a kid I would occasionally use orange juice or apple juice as a substitute for milk. How bad could Cheerios mixed with Riptide Rush Gatorade actually be?

(1) The cereal pour

(2) The Gatorade pour

(3) The first bite


Overall, this was actually fairly tasty. Riptide Rush is effectively just a grape flavor. That flavor in Cheerios was actually quite tasty, and it was not overwhelming. I think the key decision was going with regular Cheerios instead of Honey Nut Cheerios. Regular cheerios have some flavor, but it is pretty limited. Honey Nut Cheerios would have brought an additional sweetness that probably would have made this combination sickeningly sweet.

There was one negative. While I don't mind orange juice, apple juice or Riptide Rush in my Cheerios, each time I have it, I realize how much better milk is for cereal. Milk is just a little bit thicker, and that really is the hidden secret to a great bowl of cereal. Riptide Rush and Cheerios was not a bad combination, but I'll likely return to milk on Wednesday.