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This penguin is giving these Astros exercise tips

And Jose Altuve is probably scared of penguins.

I would steal your car for a chance to meet a penguin and go in a penguin habitat. You, the person reading this right now. I would steal your car. I would steal your car and set it on fire. That's how important this is.

Houston Astros players Jose Altuve and Alex Presley, as well as former Astros pitcher Brandon Backe, got that chance.

Astros meet a penguin. Stupid, lucky Astros. They even got to go inside a penguin habitat. Except, wait ...

Oh, come on. Why would you blow that chance? Why would you give up this opportunity?

Dammit, this is no time for ... wait ... no, I'm pretty sure he really isn't behind one of the penguins, so this is no time for jokes. Why would you bail on that chance, Jose?

Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. Penguins are pretty nasty. Still, come on. Sometimes you just gotta live, Jose. Sometimes you just gotta live.