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Watch every shot of Klay Thompson's record-breaking 37-point quarter

Klay Thompson had a nice little first half. Then the third quarter started and Klay ignited, flames engulfing his person from head to toe. Here's all of it:

He started the period with 13 points and ended it with FIFTY points. This may honestly be the densest hot streak in the history of professional basketball. It was like watching an atom split on the hardwood.

The stats and records and outpourings of awe:

- 37 is the record for points in a single quarter, destroying the record of 33 held by George Gervin and Carmelo Anthony. And Klay didn't start firing until after the ten-minute mark. Didn't even REALLY get going until mid-way through the quarter.

- NINE three-pointers is the record for threes in a quarter, breaking the mark of 8 set by Michael Redd and Joe Johnson.

- Klay went 13-for-13 in the quarter, tying the record for field goals in a quarter set by David Thompson.

- Here is the most beautiful single-quarter shot chart you'll ever see:


Not an X to be found.

- In the final seconds of the third, Thompson decided to pass and I punched myself in the forehead because I was so angry at him for doing so. On the very last possession of the quarter, someone fouled him, and he went ahead and buried a jumper that coooould have counted for continuation. Instead, he just hit both free throws.

- After hitting free throws for points 51 and 52 in the fourth quarter, Klay missed a shot and I vomited.

- The Kings had 22 points in the period to Thompson's 37. The Kings are a whole basketball team.

- And yeah, he ended that game by himself:

- Here is a true fact:

Two of those points were free throws, the other two were in a basket Thompson assisted. He was responsible for every field goal in the period.

- All Stephen Curry could do is laugh:

- Imagine being that human being's father. Man, Mychal Thompson must be having the night of his life:

- You don't have to be his dad to lose your damn mind over this. NBA players around the league did so much screaming:

And in closing, here's Klay checking out his stat sheet:


"Oh, sweet, I blacked out for 10 minutes and wrote the Bible."

Thompson finished with 52 points. It's his own fault he didn't get more, since he put Golden State so far ahead that he made the game a blowout and got pulled to a standing ovation early in the fourth.