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Hassan Whiteside thrilled to improve NBA 2K rating with triple-double

For many, Sunday's Heat-Bulls game served as a grand introduction to Miami's hidden gem, Hassan Whiteside, who finished with a triple-double of 14 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 blocks in just 23 minutes. That's absurdly efficient production and it helped Miami take a tough road win, but Hassan's concentrating on more important things:

And he's got a heavy track record of caring about such things. The man loves him some 2K and pays close attention to his rating:


Good things are coming, Hassan, as long as you keep doing stuff like this:

That block was Whiteside's 10th, and there was brief concern over whether or not it was a goaltend (it wasn't) since time was running out. Of course, Whiteside went ahead and got two more. He's in rare company with that superfast triple-double:

More performances like this, and Whiteside's got way more than an improved 2K rating ahead of him. Like, in real life. First things first, though: