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Watch UltraViolet's powerful #GoodellMustGo ad for Super Bowl 2015

A strong and simple message that will air before the big game.

Earlier in the 2014 season, equal rights group UltraViolet commissioned planes to fly #GoodellMustGo banners over NFL stadiums on game days. The signs were a call to action for the many people who strongly opposed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's response and actions following the domestic abuse cases of Ray Rice and other players. UltraViolet wanted fans to tell Goodell, "Resign immediately. Your failure to take domestic violence seriously is outrageous."

Before the game begins on Super Bowl Sunday, the above ad will air, continuing the sentiment and message of the #GoodellMustGo hashtag. The simple, powerful message drives home the powerlessness of women both in the creation, implementation and prevention of domestic abuse policies up to this point (as well as going forward).

Beginning on Thursday, Sports Illustrated will run the ad on its website. As UltraViolet founder Nita Chaudhary told the Huffington Post:

"We are thrilled that public scrutiny has persuaded Sports Illustrated to reverse their decision on our ads addressing the NFL's domestic violence problem. The issue is and always has been that an astonishing 55 cases of domestic violence have gone unanswered under Commissioner Roger Goodell's tenure at the NFL. Going into Super Bowl Sunday, we cannot allow the issue of domestic violence to be swept under the rug."

(h/t Sporting News)