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The KFC Double Down Dog is a fever dream created by an overdose of AMERICA

We did it. We made this ... item. Way to go, us.

So ...

Thoughts about this new menu item:

1. Presenting it with only yellow mustard on it should please the hot dog purists
2. This is a sandwich
3. Only 50 pieces? wtf guys
4. The only way this could be more American is if it played a Toby Keith song when you bit into it
5. Hell, maybe it does; we don't know yet

Wait, here's a picture of the actual product:

Oh no.

Oh, oh no.

You blew it up. You maniacs. This is why we can't have nice things.

(Would still eat.)

UPDATE: Apparently this item is only available in the Philippines. For now. That doesn't make it any less American.