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Planning the worst Super Bowl vacation with bad Yelp reviews

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People go to the Super Bowl to have a good time. But what if you wanted to have the WORST time? The kind of horrible experience that gives you stories for a lifetime.

#We found the worst reviews on the Internet for accommodations and attractions around Phoenix. Here's a guide.

Where to stay

Knights Inn Fairground-Phoenix

Located just 17 minutes from University of Phoenix Stadium, the Knights Inn Fairground-Phoenix will only cost you ... $240!

Normally a room for two adults will cost for $40, but this is Super Bowl weekend, so expect a $200 surcharge. That's expensive, but look at everything you get for the price!

hotel 1

So what? You see a little wildlife. Heck, might as well pass the time by starting a bug collection, and who needs a bed frame anyway? This is Glendale, not Buckingham Palace.

Thankfully some customers were rather pleased.

hotel 2

A local business to support right next door! Your dollar bills could be someone's trip to medical school.

hotel 3

Oh God.

Where to eat

McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon

A restaurant isn't just a place to eat, it's an experience. Every night at McFadden's is an experience -- at least according to the hard-working food reviewers of Yelp.


Gas pumps aren't super clean, but a bathroom being less clean than them is OK. I wouldn't like a gas pump or a bathroom. Maybe I'm easy to please, but all this sounds OK.

food 2

It's just as hard to be the worst at something as it is the best. How often have you gotten to experience the worst of something, really the worst? McFadden's was given this distinction by Wes B.


Sorry, but this is your fault for ASSUMING the "Caesar" in "Chicken Caesar" referred to dressing. Clearly they meant the chicken used in this wrap became drunk with power and was murdered by a close friend.

Et tu delicious!

What to do

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

If you're making the trip to Arizona you might as well treat yourself to a long vacation. Sure you'll need to wait until the 12th of February, but the cost of your room at the Knights-Inn Fairground Phoenix will drop drastically after the game.

Where else can you see 2,400 horses under one roof? That's a lot of horses! Get some of them apples and carrots; make new friends!

See Bob Seger, live in concert

Set your ears to "fun" because here's your chance to see the man, myth and legend right outside your rotting hotel door!

What better way to cap off your trip to Arizona by seeing Mr. Night Moves himself? It's all so exciting.

Katydid Insect Museum

We're sorry, but the Katydid Insect Museum has closed. Might as well spend your time at that strip club next to the hotel.

Hopefully they'll re-open when they better understand the business.