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Jerian Grant stops Notre Dame's students from storming court after beating Duke

Enemies of the spread of court-storming in college hoops earned a new hero Tuesday night.

Notre Dame's students were eager to storm the court after the No. 8 Fighting Irish knocked off No. 4 Duke. They beat the most reviled team in their conference, and a team with only two losses on the season. But one man stood in their way: ND star Jerian Grant:

You can see Grant, who had 23 points and 12 assists in the come-from-behind victory, at mid-court putting his hands up. And you can see a trickling of fans come onto the court, see Grant, and turn around.

The Irish are the No. 8 team in the country -- they'll be higher next week -- and there are very few teams in the country they should be considered underdogs against. (Duke was a 1.5-point favorite in this game.) Court-storming is fun for students, but it looks like Grant knows they can beat pretty much any team that walks into their gym.