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Jon Ryan makes damn sure you notice the punter

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Ryan looks like my friend Dan. He looks like everyone's friend Dan. He is also the Seahawks punter, and quite a good one. He is from Saskatchewan. He dressed up as a punter for Halloween when he was little. He was the subject of a grassroots MVP campaign as a Packer. Sometimes he watches The Bachelor and tweets the word "butthole" three times in an hour:

And then:

That is extremely good. Ryan's had a strong season of being extremely good on and off the field. He's a funny guy who's comfortable enough with his job to relax, self-deprecate and let the Internet know he's a person -- not a bad idea for a punter, whose contributions might otherwise go unnoticed by the casual fan.

Here's what Ryan showed us this season:

1. He gets restless when the Seahawks dominate preseason games and don't give him chances to punt:

2. He and his fiancee, comedian Sarah Colonna, gave Seahawks mascot Blitz all sorts of grief because his birdy tail looked like a penis one time:

3. He has a sense of humor about dropping the ball and surrendering a touchdown:

4. After Seattle kicker Steven Hauschka had a rough game, Ryan offered to take all haters out to the schoolyard and beat their asses:

And yeah,

5. He threw a touchdown pass and did the "Discount Double Check" in the damn NFC Championship Game:

6. ... and made a great face in the process:

Note that this is not the first excellent in-game Jon Ryan face:


(Otto Greule Jr. Getty Images)

It's actually uncanny how alike Ryan's 2013 botched-hold face and 2015 throwing-a-touchdown face are.

It takes something extra for a punter to earn the appreciation of the casual fan. Jon Ryan provides that something extra, and I appreciate it!