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Alamo Bowl ends with awkward Jim Mora-Bill Snyder handshake

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Some late-game chippiness apparently led to a dispute between the UCLA and Kansas State coaches.

Kansas State tried to fight back, but eventually lost, 40-35, to UCLA. Bruins head coach Jim Mora did go over to shake Bill Snyder's hand after the game, but the Kansas State head coach looked a tad bummed out by the brevity of Mora's postgame niceties.


Why was Mora so curt? On the last play of the game, a Kansas State player appeared to jump over the line, trying to hit Brett Hundley as he kneeled the game out:

Mora acted out the play after returning to talk to Snyder after the handshake:

After the game, Mora's first tweet was this:

However, when asked immediately after the game, Mora had this to say: