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Urban Meyer just learned about 'The Whip'

An Ohio State coach did "The Whip" after the Sugar Bowl on Thursday. GET IT!

The video "went viral" and on Saturday, Urban Meyer learned about "The Whip."

If you don't know what the heck we're talking about, the Times is on it:

The next sports dance craze has arrived: It is known as the whip, and it is a close sibling of the Nae Nae. In fact, it comes from some of the same rappers and choreographers.

The whip is a quick flurry of action, bursts of improvisation bookended with a crouched base position, arm extended, as if the dancer has his hand perched atop a steering wheel. Sound familiar? It’s what the Cincinnati Bengals’ Jeremy Hill did after scoring a touchdown in Week 6 against the Carolina Panthers and what Fletcher Cox, a defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, did after sacking Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

But you knew that. You know more about pop culture than Urban Meyer.