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Benny the Bull steals Celtics fan's girl in (almost certainly staged) Kiss Cam gag

There is a 1,000 percent chance this was fake, but it's still the most amazing piece of scoreboard romantic drama we've ever seen.

The Bulls played the Celtics Saturday night, and this happened at the game.

It's all far too perfect to be true. That the Kiss Cam would catch a Celtics fan coldly rebuffing his frustrated girlfriend so he could look at his phone. That Benny the Bull would see this happening and instantaneously swoop in, ready to rescue her from her cold, loveless relationship. That she would quickly see the error of her ways and willingly allow the mascot to sweep her up, taking her off to an undisclosed location where they can have a beautiful and frankly disturbing relationship.

That doesn't mean we're not going to laugh at it. We're going to applaud a piece of perfect scriptwriting, worthy of whatever Oscar goes to the best piece of scripted in-stadium scoreboard drama in a given year. (At the very least, we think a certain Bulls employee could earn a job in the WWE's creative department.)