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Rob Gronkowski owns a personal party bus named the 'Sinners Bus'

The legend of Gronk continues.

Rob Gronkowski isn't a man, he's a myth. The pure embodiment of everything ABC Weekend Specials told you represented a "jock." Now a new chapter has been written in his tome of wonder, thanks to Sports Illustrated.

Goon's duties include driving and caring for the white party bus that's parked in the driveway. Gronk bought it from a church on Long Island last summer, thoroughly renovated it and nicknamed it the Sinners Bus. It seats eight comfortably and includes hardwood floors, blinking lights and the kind of sound system one would expect from a nightclub on wheels. Goon flew to Long Island to pick it up and drive it back to Foxboro. It now doubles as an airport shuttle and a tailgate vessel for members of the Gronkowski family flying in for game weekends. "Just a normal party bus, nothing too crazy," Dan Gronkowski, Rob's older brother, says nonchalantly.

Robert Goon (yes, that's his real name) is an employee of Gronk's. His sole job is to keep the Sinners Bus maintained. Cleaning Gronk's party bus sounds like the kind of dirty job even Mike Rowe would turn down. The bus's sole purpose is to keep prying eyes out.

"You can still be having fun," Gronk says, "but maybe it's in more of a setting where people don't know what's going on."

If those bus walls could talk.