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Watch a Turkish basketball player clothesline a fan

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This appears to be what's going on here:

  • A Turkish team named Banvit Bandirma is in green. It's playing KK Budućnost Podgorica, a Montenegrin team, in the Round of 32 for the Eurocup. Banvit won the Turkish Basketball League regular season last year, but fell in the semifinals of its domestic tournament and failed to get out of the Round of 32 at the Eurocup. Podgorica didn't make the Eurocup last year, but won the Montenegrin league and went to the quarterfinals in the Eurocup the year before. So this is a tense situation.
  • A KK Budućnost Podgorica fan ran onto the court early in the fourth quarter, striking Sammy Mejia, a former DePaul player who has been with Banvit since 2012.
  • And then, all hell breaks loose. E.J. Rowland, who once played for St. Mary's in California, flies from the backcourt and decks the dude. And I mean DECKS the dude.
  • The fight goes on for a while. Just watch.
  • Both players -- and I presume the fan -- were ejected. Banvit ended up winning by six.