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Cardale Jones plays kid in hospital in 'NCAA Football,' runs up score

Final score aside, a visit from Ohio State's sudden star QB still appears to have brightened young Jared's day.

Ohio State leaves for Dallas and the national championship game Friday. For now, the Buckeyes are still in Columbus, and Cardale Jones decided to make some kids' days at the hospital.

He even played them in NCAA Football! He didn't take it easy on his opposition:

He did the damage personally (via @CoachZachSmith):

It's easy to call Jones a jerk for beating a kid in video games, but if you look on the smile on the kids' faces in that second pic, it's clear the final outcome of the video game wasn't the most important part of Jones' visit.

That said, we're still going to link to the same Chappelle's Show sketch when we heard Cowboys DB Orlando Scandrick did the same thing.


Update, Feb. 10: