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Serbian basketball team unveils eye-popping green and pink uniforms

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Green and pink has been an underutilized color combination in sports. The new uniforms Serbian club Mega Leks unveiled today probably will not reverse this trend. (HT: Triangle Offense)

If nothing else, they're bold. No one will have to ask "What team is that on the television? There are so many teams wearing pastel pink and green it's hard to which team is which." Other people had thoughts about the uniforms as well:

On the other hand, it's going to be hard for Mega Leks to run an effective offense. How are players supposed to get open with uniforms that practically glow? All you can do is throw the ball inside and hope you can muscle your way to wins. Unfortunately that plan didn't work out on Thursday:

Hopefully Mega Leks can find a strategy that works, because their championship gear would AMAZING.