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Greg Hardy made a terrible rap video full of strippers and gunfire

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy used his time off from the NFL last season to make a rap video featuring guns and strippers. The video, a collaboration with rapper JA Alan, was uncovered by TMZ just after midnight on Saturday. The video was made in late 2014.

In July 2014, Hardy was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, which means Hardy made this video after abusing a woman. The full video is here, these are a couple Instagram clips JA Alan posted last year:

Throughout the video the words "I'm just real, I'm just me" loop.

To reiterate, Hardy assaulted a woman and then made this video, but he didn't release it last year. No, he waited until now as he's attempting to make his NFL comeback. As if a video with women and guns would make him cool?

As if Hardy could ever be cool after abusing a woman in 2014 and then completely trashing his interview with reporters a few days ago, talking about Tom Brady's wife like this is all just a joke.

Zero apologies -- for any of these off-the-field transgressions -- have come from Hardy.