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Rams facility located near flaming radioactive waste dump

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The St. Louis Rams have a problem that might sound funny, but it has very real and scary consequences. Pro Football Talk is reporting that an underground landfill fire in St. Louis could spread to a nearby radioactive waste dump, which puts team facilities at risk.

A disaster plan is in place in the event that a plume of smoke is released from the fire -- a plume that will contain radioactive waste. Rams Park sits a mere 1,200 feet from the radioactive waste site. The Chicago Tribune outlined the disaster plan and noted that this underground fire has been burning for five years.

One happier aspect to this story is the poetic beauty of the Rams learning to peacefully coexist with a flaming trash pile.

Bridgeton Landfill has become notorious for its pungent odor. As someone who has been to Rams Park in recent years tells PFT, when the wind is blowing toward the team's facility, the odor is "unbearable." It's believed that the Rams check to see whether it's a downwind-from-the-stink day before bringing free agents to Rams Park.


I'm sorry Rams, I really don't mean to laugh -- I know this is serious. However, you are hiding a giant stinking trash heap from free agents. That's not a nice surprise. You're basically selling people a house with a cracked foundation and making sure you patch the gaps with instant mashed potatoes.