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Terry Bradshaw rips Greg Hardy and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in fiery rant

Terry Bradshaw has been a part of the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show for a very long time, but his rant this Sunday might be the best minute he has ever spent on air.

The former Steelers quarterback is tired of woman beaters like Hardy being allowed to continue to collect a paycheck and play in the NFL. He's tired of people like Jerry Jones who care more about the success of their football team than creating a better society. He's tired of all of it, and he's 100 percent right to be.

Greg Hardy has shown little to no remorse since returning from suspension, and the Cowboys owner, as pointed out by Bradshaw, has done nothing but enable him. Hardy's perpetual garbage is finally starting to draw the attention of the NFL, and, as you can see, some TV personalities. Hopefully Bradshaw becomes just one of many former players to speak out against these issues. While not a former player, CBS announcer Jim Nantz -- who is calling the Cowboys game -- was also critical of Hardy during the broadcast.

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