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Kyle Schwarber annihilated a HR and it blew everyone's mind

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GOING, GOING, GONE! (wait where did it go?)

The Cubs have been crushing home run balls in their series against the Cardinals and Game 4 on Tuesday night was no different. Kyle Schwarber crushed a ball so far that the Internet had to speculate how far it actually went.

So, where did the ball actually go?

Oh, nope there it is. ON TOP OF THE SCOREBOARD.

On Wednesday, the Cubs verified that it was indeed Schwarber's ball on the scoreboard, and announced that they will leave it there for the remainder of the 2015 postseason. The Chicago Tribune reports:

The source said the Cubs will decide what to do with the ball after the season, but wanted to leave it there for now as a memento of the Game 4 win. The Cubs will put a plexiglass case around it for now to preserve it from the elements.

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