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Martellus Bennett does not share his brother's views on Matthew Stafford and JFK

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After the Seahawks beat the Lions on Oct. 5, Seattle defensive lineman Michael Bennett provided a novel reason for disliking Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford.

"[H]e's from Dallas and Dallas, they killed the President," Bennett told Pro Football Talk. "It's where JFK, one of the greatest Presidents, died at, so I just have a little hatred towards him."

"I hold that against him," Bennett continued.

On Wednesday, Bennett's brother, Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, offered an explanation for his brother's words.

Asked whether he was referring to his brother, Bennett clarified, "Yeah, my brother. I mean, both of them probably are, but I'm talking about my brother in the instant. I think it's funny. Mike's just a funny guy. Stafford probably wasn't even born yet."

Stafford, who was born 24 years, 2 months and 16 days after JFK's assassination, was not responsible, to the best of SB Nation's knowledge.

Reached for comment, Michael Bennett did not disagree with his brother's charge.

(via MLive)