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Rob Lowe calls for Don Mattingly to be fired after NLDS loss to Mets

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

When most actors and actresses move to Hollywood, they adopt the local teams because it's the popular thing to do, but their commitment is skin deep. But don't tell that to Rob Lowe, who had this to say after the Dodgers lost their National League Division Series to the Mets on Thursday night:

I guess you could say Lowe has St. Elmo's Fire burning inside him right now.

Taking a stand like this? I guess you could say this The Finest Hour of Rob Lowe's career.

If Mattingly does get fired, I bet Rob Lowe will do a Square Dance to celebrate.

Going up to bat for beleaguered Dodgers fans who want change? I guess you can call him The Grinder.

After a tough loss like this, Lowe will probably want to go to enjoy some Parks & Recreation.

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