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Stanford WR makes TD catch behind defender’s back. While being interfered with. And unable to see the ball.

Remember that time Tyrone Prothro caught a pass off of a defender's back for Alabama? Francis Owusu of Stanford just one-upped him:

Think about what added to the degree of difficulty on this play:

  • Owusu had to practically bear hug his defender to get his hands in position to see the ball.
  • He's basically catching the ball blind because he's being interfered with on the play.
  • He had to keep the ball stable without being able to pull it in close to his body.

This may not be the best catch EVER, but it's certainly up there. Stanford coach David Shaw had no idea how to process what he just saw:

We're guessing Francis' brother, Chris Owusu of the New York Jets, is equally impressed by the catch.

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