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We made the guy who correctly predicted the Mets-Cubs NLCS in 2013 predict more things

Predicting the outcomes of sporting events is futile. Predicting the outcomes of sporting events two years from now is even more pointless. There's absolutely no way of knowing what can happen, unless if you're a deity with a propensity for fixing sports (for some reason).

In 2013, a Twitter user named Tyler Kluepfel (@CorsiAndFenwick) predicted the Mets would meet the Cubs in the 2015 NLCS.

On Tuesday, the Cubs beat the Cardinals to move on to the NLCS. On Thursday, the Mets beat the Dodgers to move on to the NLCS. Right after the Mets won, Tyler dropped the mic on Twitter:

And immediately, he reflected on what this moment meant to him:

I spoke with Kluepfel about how he came up with this 2013 prediction. It was basically on a whim, but also on a legit thought that both teams would have players in 2015 that could get them far in the postseason:

"I have to say, it was definitely a spur of the moment kind of deal. I honestly don't even remember tweeting that exact prediction so confidently. I do however recall tweeting something along the lines of such. It wasn't until some random person retweeted it directly after the game had ended that I realized "Whoa, that's impressive." The Mets were pretty awful in 2013, so my guess is that I was reminiscing on what future talent both teams had going for them. As this year went on, a potential match-up of such in the postseason did cross my mind, but it seemed too great to be true."

Kluepfel's made other predictions -- a Ducks-Lightning Stanley Cup Finals match-up made in October 2014, and Jets-Packers at Super Bowl XLV made before the 2010 season -- but this NLCS prediction is basically his only claim to fame (for now).

Although Kluepfel is a huge Mets fan, he refrained from predicting the winner of the NLCS. "I understand [the Mets] are essentially America's enemy now, but I've suffered much like Cubs fans too," says Kluepfel, "I wish [the Cubs] the best, but I bleed orange & blue."

As for other future predictions (that are not guaranteed to come true but will be amazing if they do), this is what he claims:

  • 2016 World Series: Indians vs. Pirates
  • 2020 Stanley Cup Final: Coyotes vs. Sabres
  • The Cleveland Browns will win a playoff game this decade
  • Kyle Schwarber's home run will have landed on Jan. 17, 2026
  • People will think the 2018 Winter Olympics are being held in North Korea
  • Joe Flacco will be declared elite/not elite one day

I totally get how he's feeling. After the Mets won, I tweeted out a reminder that I had the same NLCS prediction, which I'd made a couple weeks ago.

Of all the SB Nation writers that made a prediction this year, I'm the only one that predicted the NLCS matchup correctly. And it feels simultaneously great (hey, I beat the other writers!) and weird (I made those predictions on a dumb premise* and it kind of feels unearned!) (*The premise being "Which city's music do I enjoy more?")

That being said, I would like to join Tyler in making sports predictions for the future, and maybe, just maybe, they'll come true:

  • The Oakland Raiders will be 2017 Super Bowl champs
  • There will be an all-robot NFL team in 2032
  • President Kanye will throw the first pitch at the 2021 World Series
  • LeBron James and Michael Jordan will finally face each other in a one-on-one basketball match, once we harness the power of time travel
  • Every major American sports league will be divided into two conferences, one sponsored by DraftKings, the other by FanDuel
  • The Cubs will win the 2015 World Series

(h/t Chicago Sun Times)