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Baylor's Corey Coleman jukes dudes so hard, he'd barely be tackleable in touch football

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Don't feel bad, West Virginia. Coleman is untouchable, literally.

This can't be real. It's a video game, right?! I mean, nobody should be able to stop on a dime, stutter step backwards and then turn the jets back on to score AGAIN.

AND THEN HE DID IT AGAIN! Coleman's second amazing set of jukes in one game was like something out of The Matrix. Look at this half-hurdle to escape the tackle, THEN he's able to escape more defenders. How are you supposed to defend this?

There's a reason Coleman has 16 touchdowns so far. Yes, SIXTEEN. That's more than 23 entire teams had entering the week. He also has more receiving-only touchdowns than 111 teams right now.