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The NFL's refs have no clue what a catch is

Calvin Johnson. Dez Bryant. Tyler Eifert. Golden Tate. These people all have vowels in their names, but there is something else they have in common.

None of them know what a catch is.

Just a couple weeks after Eifert had a pretty clear catch and touchdown overturned because he didn't "establish himself as a runner" or some such nonsense, Golden Tate had this play ruled a touchdown. The call on the field was an interception, but after review the refs changed it to a touchdown. For reference, here is the Eifert play:

Eifert comes down with the ball and clearly has control as he turns to dive towards the end zone. A fluke kick by the defender knocks the ball out though, and it's for some reason ruled incomplete.

Tate never really looked to be in full control of the ball, partially because of a well-timed hit from the defender. Somehow, the refs decided that was more of a catch than what Eifert did, because the NFL largely just makes stuff up as they go along.

The former Vice President of Officiating in the NFL agrees:

Dean Blandino agrees with the refs, but kind of sounds like he's just making stuff up.

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