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Marshawn Lynch has a Beast Mode Frappuccino, and no there aren't any Skittles in it

Marshawn Lynch stars for the Seattle Seahawks, and Starbucks was founded in Seattle. The only next logical step is a Beast Mode Frappuccino.

Presto! Coming right up.

Marshawn took a trip to the Starbucks test lab to cook up his very own Frap to help benefit his Fam 1st Foundation. The drink seems ... interesting. It's a double mocha frap with mint, cream and protein powder with whipped cream, "purple berry drizzle" (???)  and a matcha powder sprinkle.

(Note: He did eventually take off his backpack that probably held Skittles and pounds of protein powder.)

Starbucks wrote that after tasting his concoction, Marshawn said, "I'd drink this before a workout. I'd get buff on this."

So there you go -- get buff on Starbucks' new Beast Mode Fraps.

And for a good cause, as stated on the coffee company's website:

For every Beast Mode™ Frappuccino® blended beverage sold throughout the football season in Washington and Oakland, Starbucks will donate 24 cents – which coincides with Lynch’s number – to the Fam 1st Family Foundation, up to $100,000. Starbucks will kick off the new collaboration and beverage with a minimum $24,000 contribution to the foundation.

Cheers to swole Fraps. Swole Fraps for all.

(All Photos: Starbucksh/t @RapSheet)

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