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Mike Ditka doesn’t care if you think he farted on live TV, but wants to make it clear that he didn’t

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On Monday Night Countdown, there was a brief moment during the broadcast that caused people to think that Mike Ditka farted on-air.

On Wednesday, Ditka told the Chicago Sun-Times that the fart noise didn't come from him, but he doesn't care if you think he farted:

"It wasn’t me," he told the Sun-Times. "Believe me, I’m to the point in my life where it doesn’t matter. One day I’ll be happy if I can leave a fart. Right now, it wasn’t me. I don’t care what they think. They can think anything they want."

As SB Nation's fart noise detective, I can tell you that I take Mike Ditka's side. The more you listen to that clip, the more apparent it is that someone blew a raspberry because they thought Cris Carter's reasoning for picking the Giants was silly.

Carter brought up the fart on Sunday Countdown.

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