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The ALCS has caused an international library Twitter beef

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It's kind of like "A Tale of Two Cities," but for Twitter.

With the ALCS heating up between the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays, there's also another battle happening between the two cities, in the form of their public libraries.

It all seemed to be innocent fun on Oct. 14, when both teams moved on to the ALCS:

New friends! Everything's going to be juuuust fine ... right?

Well, the Royals handily beat the Blue Jays in Games 1 and 2, and KCMO Public Library had to kick another city's library when they're down, using the power of books, because that's how libraries settle their differences:

It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon that Toronto Public Library gave a response:

And after the Blue Jays decimated the Royals 7-1, Toronto dropped the mic:

KCMO Public Library gave what I'd consider a Twitter photo version of a slow clap:

Arguably, Toronto won for two reasons:

1. They had a better use of book titles.

2. They didn't slap a piece of paper on a book spine to make a title combo sound grammatically correct. (Sorry, Kansas City, but that's kiiiind of cheating.)

The Blue Jays have two games left before they win the ALCS and move on to the World Series. But really, the series could go either way. And once there's a winner, both libraries should do a handshake on Twitter (using book spines, of course).

And then they should mutually agree that an idea like "Netflix for books" is terrible and should never happen, because libraries still exist. Books! For free! All you need is a library card! It's not that complicated!

(h/t Yahoo! Sports)