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This '30 for 30' parody about 'Angels in the Outfield' needs to be an actual documentary

Since the baseball playoffs are pretty close to ending, College Humor got some of the cast* of Angels In The Outfield and a couple of MLB players to come together, and made a fake 30 For 30 documentary about those angels who were in that outfield. Or rather, how no one doesn't believe there were actually angels helping the California Angels win their games.

Probably the best moment of that video was this quote:

"If a hockey player can win the Mastersif a golden retriever can play basketballif Michael Jordan can play with Bill Murray and Tweety Bird, then maybe we can believe that the Angels can actually win baseball games."

The Angels (the actual angels, not the team) will never get the respect they deserve. Sorry, Christopher Lloyd.

*regrettably not Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Danny Glover, because they were probably too busy (or too cool) to do this.

* * *