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UCLA's QB has a hot tub in his dorm because apparently you can do that

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Having an indoor hot tub seems like a fun idea, especially when you're in college. According to, UCLA's quarterback Josh Rosen did just that, and bought a hot tub for his dorm:

You can see a video of Rosen chilling in his hot tub, eating a meal, like any college kid would:

Power moves

A video posted by Josh Rosen (@josh3rosen) on

Now, I understand buying a hot tub for a dorm sounds like a fun idea. You can do whatever you please inside that thing, be it eating, watching TV, drinking, just plain chilling and whatnot. But does anyone really need a hot tub in their dorm? If you have a pretty huge dorm, sure, that kind of makes sense -- it probably means you have enough space to put whatever ridiculous object(s) you want. But that seems like a nuisance after a couple days.

At least this one's inflatable, which means you can put it away and have more space for other nonsense. But still ... all that water. Maybe I've gone soft when I started living a post-college life. Maybe I'm too used to the concept of hot tubs being an outside thing.

Also, points out something important about UCLA's housing regulations:

There is a ban on waterbeds, so it would be safe to assume that hot tubs are frowned upon.

Rosen's probably not going to have that thing for long. Anyway, just because you can put a hot tub in your dorm, doesn't mean you should.

Have fun cleaning up your dorm.

Also, according to Bruins Nation, there's a romantic side-story going on involving Rosen and the sad Arizona fan who wanted him to call her. The woman in the photo above is apparently her; even though he didn't call her (as she stated in her Instagram post), she still got to hang out with J-Chosen in his hot tub.