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NBA fines Gerald Green $25,000 for making finger guns during a preseason game

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

When players get fined in the preseason, it's to do one of two things: Either it serves as a polite warning to get things in order, or it serves as a way to put the kibosh on something before it gets out of hand in the regular season. The fine the NBA gave Gerald Green on Friday afternoon fits the latter category:

You can see the gun gesture Green presumably got fined for in the picture above, or in GIF form below:

Moral of the story: Everyone would be better off if they saved their arms strictly for buckets, like Nick Young used to do back in the day.

Green posted a photo of the shot too with the following caption:

"Cost me 25 might as well post it"

Cost me 25 might as well post it

A photo posted by Gerald Green (@g.green14) on