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Pete Rose peeking into the camera shot is the hottest new meme

Rain delays might be the worst thing about baseball, especially late in elimination games when it can affect pitching staffs and ruin the flow of a game like it has in Game 6 of the ALCS.

But sometimes, in the midst of the pain and disappointment, some truly beautiful things can happen to help us pass the time. During Friday night's delay, fans were treated to a truly viral performance from Pete Rose.

It all started when he sneaked into this shot (via Kenny Ducey):

If you're thinking to yourself "Hmm, I bet people on Twitter late on a Friday night will have fun with that!" You'd be correct. Let's have some fun, shall we?

And finally:

Before the rain delay ended Pete Rose was the most trending topic on Twitter, and Alex Rodriguez gave Rose some advice on how to handle his new fame:

With all due respect, this may be the one time that being a trending topic is okay. Embrace your fame, Pete Rose.