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'Get away!' Watch as Paul Johnson realizes his player should actually run this ball back

When Georgia Tech blocked Florida State's game-winning field goal attempt, Yellow Jackets head coach Paul Johnson reacted like most football coaches do -- he told his players to get away from the football. There were only four seconds left when Georgia Tech blocked the kick and the clock was on its way to winding down to zeroes. Johnson didn't want anyone to pull a Leon Lett. Georgia Tech couldn't recover in time to give the offense another shot.

Except, Johnson's players didn't listen and Lance Austin scooped up the ball with one second left then immediately started the other way, and with a lot of room to run. You can almost see the instant Johnson realizes this may not be so bad in the classic "Don't shoot, don't shoot! Nice shot" way. It all worked out, as Austin raced down the field and scored the game-winning touchdown.

Paul Johnson, your Georgia Tech just beat undefeated FSU in amazing fashion by blocking a field foal and returning it. How do you feel?

Well, he's not saying much. He's just sticking his tongue out and bobbing his head. If there's a better way to downplay a monumental victory against one of college football's best teams, we haven't seen it. More head coaches should adopt this unique celebration.

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