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Family of DIEhard Cleveland Browns fans creates the spookiest starting quarterback graveyard

A family of diehard Cleveland Browns fans has taken Halloween haunts to another level by creating a quarterback graveyard in their front yard, as reported by Cleveland 19 News.

There are over two dozen makeshift graves representing every starting QB since 1999, starting with Tim Couch.

Each one has the name of the QB along with the years he started for the team. The creator, Tony Timoteo, even stuck a pair of garden gloves over Brian Hoyer's "burial spot" because he believes "[Hoyer] is going to come back to haunt us at some point. We don't know when, so he is really trying to raise from his grave."

That's probably the scariest part.

Props to the Timoteo family for finding a way to enjoy this Halloween season with their team at 2-5. The hope is, Cleveland 19 jests, that the Browns "will begin cremating their opponents." Maybe Johnny Manziel will be one of the dead who come to life so that their adorable 2-year-old son can keep throwing up the money signs.

Photos: Cleveland 19 News, H/T Yahoo Sports