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Jim Harbaugh advises trick-or-treaters to hustle houses in 2 costumes

Jim Harbaugh is crazy. He hunts down 10-year-old kids to win laser tag and he casually talks about worms wielding machine guns. But his advice for trick-or-treaters is actually pretty good, in a sane way, as he told ABC Detroit:

"I try to advise them to get two costumes. To be go-getters. You can hit the neighborhood in one costume, and better to jog and to run from house-to-house, then you can get more candy than anyone else. And then come home, make a quick change into a second costume, and go hit those same houses again."

He added that this advice comes from personal experience, and that when he was a kid, Halloween candy collecting was "constant hustle at all times."

Run through the neighborhood in two costumes, get double the candy -- this is great advice, kids. Then, eat all the candy as fast as you can, and maybe some day you can be as wired and upbeat as Jim Harbaugh.

(h/t Washington Post)