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An orca punted a seal 80 feet in the air, and should be signed by an NFL team immediately

Hey, Niners. Got any room for an orca?

While recording footage for a whale-watching tour promo, a film crew found this orca punting a seal 80 feet in the air.

According to, this is a thing orcas usually do to seals:

Cetacean researcher Chris Parsons explained the seal tossing behavior to the Earth Touch News Network: "They don’t often eat the seals (after hitting them). But when they hit Dall’s porpoises, they do it to eviscerate them. They hit them so hard that their entrails pop out, which they leave behind after eating the muscle and blubber."

So, it's safe to say that seal is, uh, dead.

If this orca was eligible to play in the NFL, he would probably be the first kicker to be picked in the next NFL Draft. But he'd probably crush Roger Goodell in a congratulatory handshake, because he's an orca.

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