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Oh my god, they made Weird Al look exactly like Pete Carroll

If you've ever watched footage of a postgame press conference, you know that they are not usually earth-shattering entertainment. They consist, for the most part, of coaches and players issuing broad platitudes about the sport and the game in question, going to great and boring lengths to avoid saying much of anything at all.

The Kicker lampoons press conferences exceptionally well in a new video starring Weird Al Yankovic as Grizzled Coach, along with Bench Player Who Had Surprisingly Good Game and Obnoxious Reporter from Some East Coast Paper.

Did I mention that Weird Al is a Grizzled Coach? Weird Al is a Grizzled Coach.

Weird Al's lustrous, dignified locks seem to suggest he's impersonating Pete Carroll, luxurious gray swish and all. But we are open, as is Pete Carroll, to independent investigations and alternative interpretations. Who do you think Weird Al is dressed as?

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